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European PSN update; October 2

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on 2 October 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has updated the region’s PlayStation Store for another week.

Highlights for today’s update include a playable demo of the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, along with a copious supply of Rock Band and FIFA 09 content.

See below for a full list of updates.

Full Games:

-Geon (GBP 4.99/EUR 7.99


-BioShock (Free)
-Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Free)


FIFA 09 Live Season – All League Packs (GBP 12.99/EUR 17.99)

-FIFA 09 Live Season – Barclay’s Premier League (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)
-FIFA 09 Live Season – LIGA BBVA (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)
-FIFA 09 Live Season – LIGUE 1 (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)
-FIFA 09 Live Season – BUNDESLIGA (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)
-FIFA 09 Live Season – SERIE A (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)
-FIFA 09 Live Season – Primera Devision De Mexico (GBP 4.99/EUR 5.99)

Rock Band:

Mega Death: Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (GBP 4.99/EUR 7.99)

-Wake Up Dead (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-The Conjuring (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-Devil’s Island (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-Good Mourning/Black Friday (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-Bad Omen (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-I Ain’t Superstitious (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)
-My Last Words (GBP 0.99/EUR 1.49)

Rush – Moving Pictures (GBP 4.99/EUR 7.99)

-Tom Sawyer
-Red Barchetta
-The Camera Eye
-Witch Hunt
-Vital Signs

Separate Tracks:

-“One of Those Nights” by The Cab (GBP 0.59/EUR 0.79)
-“Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional (GBP 0.59/EUR 0.79)
-“She’s A Handsome Woman” by Panic! At The Disco (GBP 0.59/EUR 0.79)
-“Natural Disaster” by Plain White T’s (GBP 0.59/EUR 0.79)
-“Sorrow” by Bad Religion (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)
-“She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)
-“Bandages” by Hot Hot Heat (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)
-“Shoot The Runner” by Kasabain (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)
-“You’re No Rock N’ Roll Fun by Sleater-Kinney (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)
-“Love Spreads” by Stone Roses (GBP 0.99/EUR 0.79)


-PixelJunk Eden Soundtrack (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack (GBP 1.49/EUR 1.99)
-Facebreaker Auditions Part 1
-Facebreaker Auditions Part 2
-Facebreaker Auditions Part 3
-Tomb Raider Underworld Trailer
-GT Academy: The Finalists


-Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 Theme
-Prince of Persia Corrupted Landscape Wallpaper
-Prince of Persia Healed Landscape Wallpaper

Stay tuned for the North American PSN update later today.