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Sony patches WipEout HD freezing bug

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Those of you who invested in the gorgeous WipEout HD a couple of weeks back might have noticed that it wasn't quite as uber-slick as promised. Some users reported crippling instances of freezing when playing the high definition PlayStation Network remake.

Sony Liverpool has just drummed up a patch, thank heavens, but it seems there's no silver lining without a nasty black cloud - popular PSNers may have to delete their save game files to apply the update.

That's according to a post on the European community forum. "If at any time you have had over 50 users in your friends list whilst playing WipEout® HD, it is possible that your saved data has become corrupted," it reads.

"If this situation applies to you, we strongly recommend that once this update has installed you quit the game and delete your saved data using the Saved Data Utility in the XMB, then re-launch the game to create a new profile."

Deleting your save data won't eliminate your online records or trophies, but it will "reset your campaign mode progress, team loyalties, and in-game settings." Bummer.

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