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Cartoon Network to deliver on demand games

PS3 and Wii users may be seeing a new type of game and on demand video service from Cartoon Network very soon.

AFI’s Digital Content Lab at Cartoon Network is working on a new type of web browser game series that will be compatible with both PS3 and Wii using their broadband internet features. The new game series will work with an array of devices with the first batch targeted at PS3 and Wii using each's console's web browser. Cartoon Network will be the first television company to use Flash adapted in a way to connect with the massive console gaming audience.

The new series called “MEGA” will be accessed through the PS3 and Wii’s unique web browsers in late 2007 to early 2008. The “MEGA” series will be able to use each console's custom Adobe Flash players and needs a broadband connection in order to work. The interface of MEGA will be customized for the Flash capabilities of each web browser, including PC and Mobile phones. The series is going to be delivered episodically and will also deliver simultaneous streaming video alongside the gameplay.

Many fans of the network will be happy since the games will be based off both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows. Each game will deliver a very unique but interesting interaction for fans. Cartoon Network already has an online and mobile business, so the MEGA series is sure to deliver for console fans alike.

When asked to comment the studio had this to say:

“AFI’s Digital Lab provided a fantastic collaborative environment to explore cutting-edge technologies that further our businesses and reach new audiences,” said Ross Cox, senior director of entertainment products, Cartoon Network New Media. “We’d like to think our efforts effectively demonstrate how the console browser can be utilized as a new distribution platform.”

“The AFI Digital Content Lab encourages the type of creative thinking and collaboration that is imperative to help propel Flash development in the future,” said Bill Perry, manager of developer relations for mobile and devices at Adobe. “The development of the MEGA Series application is a great example of pushing technology to create even more robust entertainment experiences that reach consumers across a wide range of supported devices, including the Sony PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii console.”