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PAIN hits Hollywood hard

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First, gamers were given the chance to wreak havoc across an urban environment. Then they were presented with the opportunity to do as much damage to an Amusement Park as possible. And now, finally, the developers behind the hit PlayStation Network title PAIN are bringing Hollywood into your home through their next expansion level, Movie Studio.

According to Travis Williams, Sr. Producer of PAIN, the development team went into designing Movie Studio from a democratic stand point. Instead of dictating what the expansion would include, Williams and co. decided to listen to the broad community of supporters to fully understand what gamers were looking for in their title. Overall, he felt as though this would be the best course of action in delivering the best expansion possible.

Some of the new features fans can expect in the Movie Studio include, but are not limited to:

- More than one launcher location (There are three that you can dynamically switch to)
- Single-player Fun with Explosives
- New Cratetastic Mode
- Unlockable FREE Character
- HORSE Mode
- Bowling Mode (With all new distractions)

On top of these great additions, the team at Idol Minds have also heard the cries demanding some free downloadable content. In order to appease those cries, the team is releasing a free downloadable character from Sony's favorite quiz game, Buzz! Master Quiz.

To give you guys a sneak peak of the Movie Studio, we've included the game's trailer below.