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Dead Space prequel comes to Blu-ray

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The animated prequel to sci fi scare-em-up, Dead Space, has been released today on Blu-ray and DVD.

Dead Space: Downfall is set just before the events of the critically acclaimed horror outing, explaining how the ‘Marker’ was found, and what exactly happened on the ship and the planet surface before Isaac Clark started his rescue efforts. Although it’s not an essential addition to the game, it does help explain the events far better than the logs scattered around the good ship Ishimura.

The trailer for the movie looked all kinds of awesome, carrying over the character and ship design straight from the game. Our esteemed colleague, Otacon, would note that the film looks ‘just like one of [his] Japanese Animes’. And he would be right, as the American studio, Film Roman, chose to do it in the style of a horror anime.

It’s probably best you play the game before watching the movie though; half the experience is not knowing what in tarnation is happening. And damn, what an experience it is.