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Killzone 2 trailer's Helgan scene was real time

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Killzone 2 Q&A Manager Seb Downie has confirmed that the iconic sequence seen in yesterday’s trailer depicting the Helgan General overlooking the ruins of a war torn city was in fact real time footage.

Speaking on the Official PlayStation Forums, Downie noted that although some “special animations” were utilized for the scene, the developer could have easily had you running into the picture, all guns blazing.

"There is of course some special animations for it, but if we wanted to we could run into the scene, guns blazing," he said, when asked whether or not the scene consisted of real time footage.

"In fact there have been bugs in the game where the player controls were not locked out properly and you could still throw grenades into a cutscene, wreaking havoc with the narrative."

Killzone 2 will be blasting its way onto PlayStation 3 in February 2009.