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Xbox 360 EU launch

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on 2 December 2005

As expected, the limited supply of Xbox 360 units sold out in a little more than 2 hours across Europe.

The British media is reporting that the Xbox 360 has sold out in the UK where more than 200 gamers queued for hours in the rain for the midnight launch of the console at Game's flagship store in London's Oxford Street.

One young girl named Megan was found in line with her father writing a letter to Santa asking for an Xbox 360 incase they did not receive one. It was either blind luck or a little Christmas miracle because she was found later to have received an Xbox 360. Others were not so lucky.

Many retailers report that they had to send droves of people home empty handed with the promise that a second shipment maybe seen in one to two weeks. Two weeks is the expected timetable as American retailers report having a their second shipment hit the shelves this weekend, slightly more than 2 weeks after launch.

Those people that didn't take their newly purchased Xbox 360 home to start playing games have already been found on eBay.  A search by the BBC News website on eBay found some 1,500 consoles, with most going for around £600. The Xbox 360 costs in the UK £209.99 for the Core package or £279.99 for the Premium Edition. A new search over at eBay found a user who set a new record for a “Buy It Now” price for an Xbox 360 and that is $10,999,999.00.

Microsoft spokesmen have yet to comment on the success of the EU launch with only one week until Microsoft's next major launch in Japan.