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Sony acquires Guerrilla Games

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Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that one of PlayStation platform's leading developer, Guerrilla Games, is now officially made one with the studios. The acquisition of Guerrilla Games is to further expand the capabilities of the recently formed Sony Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS)

Speaking in a press release, President of SCE WWS, Phil Harrison said, " Guerrilla have a great combination of creative, technical and production talent in their team and we have enjoyed a close working relationship with their management and staff for a number of years. I am delighted that they will now become a member of the SCE Worldwide Studios network of developers. As we prepare for the launch of PlayStation 3 next year, this acquisition strengthens our development portfolio to take full advantage of the exciting entertainment opportunities provided by PSP, PlayStation 3 and beyond."

Guerrilla Games is the Bafta award winning developer of the PlayStation 2 title, Killzone. Figures indicate the title has shipped close to 2 million units globally. At E3 this year, Guerrilla Games was one of the few developers that exclusively showcased their next-generation games for the PlayStation 3 platform in the shape of a brand new Killzone trailer. Guerrilla Games exclusive agreement with SCEE was signed in spring 2004.