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Burnout Paradise taking a trip into the future

Has any developer given back to the community more than Criterion? Probably not. The development team that has expanded Paradise City with new vehicles and motorcycles is hard at work at yet another addition to Burnout. Unfortunately, this piece of downloadable content will come with an unknown price tag. While this is the first time Criterion has charged for additional content, it only feels right to support the studio that has given gamers so much.


As the picture above indicates, Criterion is doing what they do best, bringing unique content to gamers. This time, that includes futuristic additions such as hovering vehicles. Besides the hovering Jansen 88 Special, the Cavalry Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and the GT Nighthawk will also be made available via download either individually or in a pack.

No release date has yet been set, but we'll keep you updated once one materializes.