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Three direct feed Killzone 2 beta gameplay videos

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Following on from our onslaught of off-screen camera U.S. Killzone 2 beta footage this past week, we’ve managed to nab three all-new videos from the on-going event via a direct feed source, providing enhanced visual and audio quality.

Viewers will now be able to discern the subtle ambiences of the Helgan city or the clatter of bullets fired from a high-powered rifle. Meanwhile, the second video also offers a better insight into the superb texture quality of both the environments and character models used in the game. If you want more footage outside of these three videos, you can watch more over at

While there are some noticeable bugs present, bare in mind these videos are taken from a pre-release build of the title, and Guerilla Games should have things polished up before the game ships in February.

On another note, has been accepted into the beta and will be posting our hands-on preview on Thursday.