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New PSN titles to hit later this year?

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on 22 June 2007

While not yet confirmed by Sony, it appears as if several new PSN titles have been unveiled. French gaming site PlayFrance recently posted a list of upcoming PlayStation titles. Within that list was a plethora of exciting games heading to PSN between now and October.

It seems that the rumored Loco Roco PS3 adaption was indeed true, though by this humble journalist's meager French skills it seems as if it might only be a screensaver. More exciting is the fact that we'll be receiving even more Gran Turismo goodness via PSN, as GT5 Prologue should be coming in the next few months.

However, several previously unannounced titles were discussed as well. EyeToy Play Factory 1 and 2 will be hitting the PS store (most likely coinciding the launch of the new EyeToy camera). Last but not least, a game by the name of Chills is coming, though we have no idea what the title actually is about.

We'll keep you posted on these upcoming titles.