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Colin McRae Rally: DiRT 2 unveiled

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on 20 November 2008

Codemasters has confirmed that a sequel to its hit off-road racer Colin McRae Rally will be kicking up dirt on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii and DS in 2009.

The sequel marks the first entry in the series following McRae’s tragic death in 2007, with Codemasters pledging that the game will honour the life of the legendary rally driver.

“Colin McRae was all about the speed, the excitement and the entertainment of rally driving,” said Codemasters’ Gavin Raeburn.

“Even when we first worked with him over ten years ago, he captured a freedom and a spirit that enthralled rally fans. Later his showmanship shone through in events such as the X-games, the Dakar Rally and the Race of Champions. He could do things with a car that no one else would and that’s where we’re taking the series with new events at the extreme edge of rally and autosport. It will be a great tribute to an incredible champion.”

Powered by the third generation of EGO Engine’s racing game technology, Colin McRae Rally: DiRT 2 incorporates both multi and solo off-road racing across a series of real-world environments and stadium based events.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.