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Bethesda working on Fallout 3 patch

What's that? Bethesda, working on a multiplatform patch for Fallout 3? A game widely considered not only one of the buggiest PlayStation 3 titles this winter, but also one of the buggiest overall? Well quel surprise.

The announcement comes care of one of Bethesda's community managers, posting on the company forum: "We are currently working on a patch for all three platforms. When I've got more details, I'll let everyone know."

Some nasty technical flaws aside (the nastiest of which include game freezes, weird "night vision" lighting hiccups and random NPC death), Fallout 3 is one of the most appealing post-nuclear mutant-stompers we've encountered in years.

PSU's Eric Blattberg describes it as "an outstanding title that sets a new standard for action role-playing games". Best invest in a copy sharpish, and keep one eye open for that patch.