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Ubisoft head agrees with $599 price point

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on 23 June 2007

Everyone within the gaming industry seems to recognize the PS3's power and possibilities, yet cites the hefty $599 price point as far too high despite start-up and manufacturing costs on Sony's end. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot thinks the PS3's launch price point was right on the money.

Speaking with, Guillemot commented, "Everybody has to remember that volumes are very dependent on price. I know the platform holders all know that, so now we have to wait for them to see when they want to achieve those numbers."

He went as far as to congratulate Sony on a "great launch," when Sony themselves have described it as soft.

Though he did mention a price cut would be optimal for the present time, "[Sony has] sold a machine that is actually expensive to build at the right price for consumers. It's just that if we want more consumers, we'll have to have a price that will make more people come in."

When asked to go deeper into his request for a price cut, Guillemont said, "I was just saying that in the last generation, we had machines that were at a lower price and they were selling more. It's just something to consider for all the manufacturers, that the price of the machine has a huge impact on the number of machines sold."

We at PSU do agree that Sony would grab a much larger piece of the gaming pie if they managed to reduce the PS3 to $499 before this holiday season. We'll keep you updated on any possible indication of a PS3 price cut.