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Criterion details Big Surf Island

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Criterion has released episode 15 of CrashTV and it gives an inside look into Big Surf Island. While it was first rumored to be another awesome free downloadable content pack, Big Surf Island has taken a 180 in that respect and will now be premium DLC. No price has been given yet, but we're sure the team at Criterion will release that information in due time.

The developers had this to say about the change from free to paid for content.

"We’d mentioned in a previous podcast that this would be free content, but we can now confirm that it will be premium paid-for content.

Here’s why. We never expected to create anything this ambitious for the island, but as it progressed we got more and more excited about what it could become. (In fact, that’s the story of all our Downloadable Content.)

Big Surf is the culmination of everything we learned creating Paradise City, and we want it to bring you a truly spectacular new experience – the highlight of a year of incredible premium content. Burnout already delivers incredible value for money – literally hundreds of hours of gameplay with your original disk or PSN purchase, plus more with the free Cagney Pack and free Burnout Paradise Bikes."

Outside of the video linked above, we've included screenshots from the new island below for you to check out.