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Japan: Square Enix 2008 unit sales down 74%

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ChartGet has come up with some rather disappointing sales data for Japanese giant Square Enix, confirming that the publisher is down 74 per cent on its total units sold through 2008 in comparison to last year.

While some may attribute these results to a lack of overall releases in comparison to 2007, it is interesting to note that the publisher did not release a single title in Japan for the PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 throughout the entire year thus far, while the Wii managed one.

This begs the question: "Can Square Enix collect on the goods without the Sony and Nintendo brand loyalty?"

Some may argue the statistics and applaud SE for moving towards a multiplatform objective, but at what cost does this come? You can also argue install base and potential buyers within a multiplatform world, but when push comes to shove, the numbers seem to indicate that without the Sony and Ninty faithful, Square Enix sales seem to dwindle.

This will all be put to the test once the company releases one of 2009’s killer games, namely RPG Final Fantasy XIII. Exclusive to PS3 in Japan, the game has the potential to sway a lot of opinions if the sales are successful enough to prove this perspective.

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