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Killzone 2 environments: "not just grey urban wasteland"

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It appears that dark city slums and warehouses are not the only locations players will visit while exploring the world of Killzone 2.

Speaking on the Official PlayStation forums, Guerrilla Games Q&Q Manager Seb Downie promised users, "[Helgan] is not just grey urban wasteland."

Downie's comments go with EGM's August issue Killzone 2 preview, which states that some levels will highlight the "natural beauty" of Helghan.  While this doesn’t mean that you’ll be taking in grassy hills and crystal blue oceans, it does serve as an indication that players will get a chance to venture outside of the grey cities and tackle different environments than what's been shown in the trailers.

Killzone 2 is set to release this February. Stay tuned for more information.