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LittleBigPlanet user levels reach 20 million plays

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Senior Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, has told that LittleBigPlanet users have published over 150,000 levels since the game's North American release in October. Those levels have been played over 20 million times in total - we guess you Media Molecule advocates have a lot of free weekends.

Denny thinks LittleBigPlanet has "taken us to new spaces with user-generated content."

Elsewhere in the interview, he talks readers through the reasoning behind the cancellations of Sony London's PlayStation 3 projects The Getaway and Eight Days.

These games were given the boot, he said, because the publisher wanted to zero in on more critically and commercially potent brands: Denny thinks it's important "when we have created successful franchises, that we really continue to innovate within those franchises."

SCEE also wants to play to its studios' strengths: "the London studio has a great heritage in social gaming, and really looks at how we innovate in and define social gaming as a richer, connected experience."

Speaking of social gaming, SingStar remains significant. Denny revealed that the PlayStation 3 iteration had attracted a 300,000-strong online community, and that there were now 3 million tracks available to download. It's not all positive news though. "On the downside we're single-handedly responsible for reinventing Bonnie Tyler's career with more than 50,000 units of Total Eclipse of the Heart."

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