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Activision confirms Soldier of Fortune 3

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Gamers rejoice as Activision has announced Soldier of Fortune 3.

The last time we saw Soldier of Fortune was Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix back in 2002, and 5 years later people were still stirring up rumors of a possible Soldier of Fortune 3. Both SoF games were created by Raven Software and were 2 of their most successful games on the market.

The next SoF is indeed in development, and will be called Soldier of Fortune: Payback. However, some fans may be disappointed to hear that Raven Software is no longer on the project and that Activision is fully developing the game in their Minneapolis studio known for their Cabelas titles.

When interviewed by Kotoku, Activision stated that “Soldier of Fortune: Payback is being published by Activision's Minneapolis office. We have no further information to share at this point, but hope to very soon.” Kotoku then got a tip from a inside source stating the game is in the early stages of development.

The site got a hold of some plans the developer wants to bring to life with the game. For starters Activision hopes for 36 separation points on each character model to life in video games, which means much more realistic character models. Along with that, gamers can expect a fully destructible environment. With this in mind the source said even with the game in the early stages, it looks better than ever.

Gamestop has the game listed for a November release date but no official release has been announced. Stay tuned to PSU.