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Sony confident on PS3's future

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PlayStation 3 sales figures haven't been the most encouraging in recent months, with plenty available in stores, and weekly sales falling below the 10,000 mark in Japan. Sony's annual report, however, displays the company's belief in the system by stating that it aims to sell its projected 11 million unit by the end of their fiscal year in March.

An interesting quote from the report states one of Sony's largest goals for their console:

"We're aiming towards a much broader lifestyle for home entertainment enthusiasts, that's one of the reasons the Playstation 2 went on to sell over 115 million units worldwide."

Sony also cited that console sales "Ultimately it will come down to content".

So far 5.5 million units have been sold, but will Sony reach its 11 million target by March? We all will have to wait and find out.

Source: Compound Semiconductor