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Bethesda launches Blog

Bethesda, developers of the fantastic Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, have launched their very own blog.

The team aims to discuss everything from development and games to life outside work.

One of the most interesting posts available at the moment is a Q&A with the lead designer of Fallout 3. Emil Pagliarulo talks about his favourite game types, his job, the projects he has worked on and specifically the Fallout franchise.

The blog has been up and running internally for quite some time, but only went live yesterday. The Bethesda team hopes to interact with the community much more freely and efficiently.

"For a while now I've wanted a way to cover our games, and the folks making them, and the fan communities around them, and so on, in a more informal way," Pete Hines, V.P. of Public Relations and Marketing, informed us.

"Stuff that we don't really do on the official sites about the mod community, short interviews with devs, whatever it might be."

Game developer blogs have become much more common over the past year. They definitely provide a unique view of the experience of developing games, and give us fanatics a closer look at the titles we're anticipating the most.

Check out the Bethesda blog here.