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Rockstar re-signs with Take-Two Interactive

Those crying out for Sony to take Rockstar under their wing, can now stop. It's not going to happen, not any time soon anyways. Instead, Rockstar has decided to re-sign with Take-Two Interactive for the next few years.

"Take-Two has established a new incentive compensation program for the Rockstar Games label that is primarily based on a profit sharing arrangement, and at the same time has entered into new long-term employment agreements with members of the creative team of its wholly-owned Rockstar Games publishing label. The new employment agreements have an initial term ending on January 31, 2012."

We really can't blame Rockstar for wanting to stay with a company that has backed them for so many years. Of course, Strauss Zelnick didn't mind one bit keeping the Grand Theft Auto creators locked up within the confines of their company.

"We're delighted with the extension and expansion of Take-Two's relationship with the Rockstar team. The talent and creativity at Rockstar are unparalleled in our industry.

"Their dedication to making extraordinary games has captured the enthusiasm of millions of fans around the world and has contributed enormously to establishing Take-Two as a force in the global video game marketplace and advancing our goal to become the most creative and most innovative company in the industry. In addition, this new chapter in our successful relationship further aligns the interests of our creative teams with those of our shareholders."

Zelnick wasn't the only top brass showing his support for the continued relationship. Sam Houser, the founding father of Take-Two, was very excited about keeping the Rockstar label under T2 publishing.

"The entire Rockstar team has always been dedicated to making groundbreaking games with unprecedented production values, style and depth. We are excited to continue our partnership with the new management team at Take-Two, who have helped us to protect the unique atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation."