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Secret God of War III footage made Jaffe sweat

Speaking during an interview with PSX Extreme, Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe discussed the advantages of developing exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console.

In addition, Jaffe expanded on his God of War III viewing stating that SCEA Santa Monica raised the bar, leaving him wondering "how the fu** are we going to compete?"

When asked whether or not he thought that focusing on the PS3 allows developers to squeeze some extra juice out of the graphics, Jaffe stated:

"I’m not a technical guy, but I think there’s no arguing that theory," adding, "But what’s more important: getting a little bit better graphics or getting substantially more sales and more people buying your product? The value in this argument is so minor and of interest to so few people in the industry that it’s not the real compelling reason to stay exclusive. There are business reasons to stay exclusive..."

However for Jaffe, being exclusive with Sony has more to do with the company and platform rather than the money.

"For me, I just love to be part of something that defines the PlayStation experience," he said. "It’s cool to have your system; it’s the cast of characters of your network."

Regarding the God of War III footage he recently witnessed, Jaffe commented, "it looked better than Gears 2; it looked like a Renaissance canvas-style painting come to life," said Jaffe. "Stunningly beautiful. I actually found myself getting nervous and sweaty and I was like, "why am I getting like this?" But it was because I was wondering, "how the fu** are we going to compete? The bar has just been raised again."

Hopefully we’ll be able clap eyes on this footage ourselves in the near future. Stay tuned.