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Free Radical is receiving significant interest

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Continuing the story around TimeSplitters 4 developer Free Radical, ReSolve has officially set the company into administration. While this is a disappointing experience for its employees as well as the gamers who supported them over the years, ReSolve's Cameron Gunn has revealed that their is significant interest in the developer if the company decides to put on the market. Shortly after employees found out about the shut down, 100s of them have already taken their leave to look for employment elsewhere.

According to Gunn, he's "not aware of any formal resignations over the last 24 hours, but we can't stop people resigning from Free Radical. Not a single person had been made redundant, though the company reserves the right to do so. The staff have been paid December salaries and told to go home. What we are trying to do right now for the first few days is understand the present financial position of the company. We have a team of people doing that right now, who are on site looking into the records."

It's no secret that the TimeSplitters franchise has been quite the cult hit and classic on the PlayStation format, so we're more than curious to see if a game that has already been in development for the past year will continue its course. While it is unlikely for it to continue at an independent Free Radical, there is a big possibility that a publisher may pick up the studio and the title.

"We are very confident that we will achieve a sale if we decide to market the business," says Gunn," it's a testament to the employees and the regard of the company that a significant interest has already been shown."

Maybe EA will pick them up? We kid.