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Battlefront III moves developers - first renders revealed

1 January 2009

According to, Oxford based developer Rebellion, known for such titles as Call of Duty World at War for PS2 and Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron for PSP, will be taking over for recently deceased studio Free Radical on the upcoming Star Wars action strategy title Star Wars: Battlefront III.

Richard Smith, a former employee of Free Radical, has posted some of the first renders he modeled for Star Wars Battlefront III on his blog which include such characters as Han Solo and Sahra The Bounty Hunter. Keep in mind the renders are dated back to 2007 and are nearly two years old.

Click the images below for full size


There is still no official confirmation from either studio on the titles development status, however we know at least Battlefront III was one of the unannounced titles Free Radical had in the works outside of TimeSplitters 4. Stay tuned for more information.

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