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Pachter: Sony may not be able to cut PS3 price in April

on 16 January 2009

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that Sony may not be in a position to lower the price of the PlayStation 3 by April this year, though remains adamant a price cut will materialise in 2009.

“Sony may not be able to cut as early as April, but I think that a price cut is coming in 2009,” Pachter told VG247.com.

However, Pachter believes that the console will ultimately be competing more fiercely with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 when Sony eventually does issue a price cut.

“PS3 should sell 60 - 75% of the level that the 360 sells for the first part of the year, and when they cut price, the figure should come close to even."

“This is purely attributable to the price difference, with the 360 available for as low as half the price, but with the PS3 offering additional features built-in (bigger hard drive, Wi-Fi and a Blu-ray player).”