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Official FFXIII site confirms new trailer on the horizon

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on 27 January 2009

The official Final Fantasy XIII website has confirmed that a new trailer for the hotly anticipated RPG outing will go live in just over 24 hours (one day, three hours and 25 minutes to be precise at the time of writing)

In addition to confirmation of a new trailer, the website also contains screenshots of afro-man and fellow chocobo enthusiast Sazh Katzroy, who was recently unveiled for the first time in Japan’s Weekly Famitsu publication.

Also featured is a quick message from FFXIII director, Motomu Toriyama, who commented, “Final Fantasy XIII is the story of the future world that is born of crystals. With previously unexperienced visuals and a new battle system offering cool battles, it's also the future shape of RPGs."

Keep those eyes peeled for the new trailer some time tomorrow.