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Reeves: Xbox 360 is not ahead of us by one million in Europe

on 30 January 2009

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) chief David Reeves has claimed that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is not outselling the PlayStation 3 by one million units in PAL territories, despite reports to the contrary.

“I don’t want to talk about the competition too much, but Xbox 360 is not ahead by a million units,” Reeves told Eurogamer.

“We sold through 500,000 PS3s in November. We sold through 1.1 million units in December. Our installed base now is very close to 8.5 million units in PAL territories. Our numbers show we are absolutely neck-and-neck.”

Reeves likened Sony’s obstinate stance on refusing to cut the price of PS3 compared to Microsoft as going “ten rounds with Ali and still standing.” Furthermore, the SCEE boss reckons the company is now firmly in second place.

“What happened was, we overtook them, and they dropped the price. It’s almost as if we’ve gone ten rounds as Mohammed Ali and we’re still standing, because we didn’t drop the price. We held firm."

Now, going into the remaining rounds and the next seven years, we are going to be very strong. The last few weeks have shown we are clearly number two in the market. I’m as confident as I was before.”