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New Tekken 6 details revealed

on 4 February 2009

Tekken 6 executive producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that the upcoming brawler will incorporate a specific online feature that hasn’t been done before in previous iterations of the series.

"We're currently developing an online feature other than online versus [mode]--something that we haven't done before. It's going smoothly so far, but I can't go into any details at this moment,” Harada told Gamespot.

Elsewhere, Harada confirmed that the home console release will include a variety of mini games and additional game modes that have become a staple of the franchise over the past decade.

"Building on that experience, we plan to have a major console mode. In addition to this main mode, other modes that are a staple of the series will be back, along with new and exciting features. In any case, Tekken 6 is not about just the game's versus mode. There is a lot of console-specific content to enjoy,” he said.

He also briefly commented on the reaction among fans in light of the series migration to multiple platforms, noting feedback was generally positive, with many consumers not at all bothered by the fact the game is no longer exclusive to PlayStation 3.

Tekken 6 is due out in fall 2009.