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David Jaffe had bigger plans for the original God of War

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on 10 February 2009

Eat, Sleep and Play’s David Jaffe has admitted that he had slightly bigger aspirations for the original God of War than what ultimately made it into the final product.

Speaking with in regards to any disappointments he had with Kratos’ first outing, Jaffe stated, “I did have a sort of a bigger story that I personally was hoping to tell, and a bigger game that I was hoping to make.”

He added: “I think the fact that the realities of day-to-day production, and the financial realities of the game business, made it so it really wasn’t practical or realistic for me to stay on to sort of continue telling the story of God of War in the way that I wanted to, even though I’ve been very happy with the sequels we’ve done so far.”

Keep your eyes peeled for new information on God of War III later this week.