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Sony wants you to buy games, not subscriptions

In recent months Sony has made it a priority to point out the value consumers receive for their money when purchasing a PlayStation 3. Today, the fine folks at Sony continued that trend by letting customers know that they want you to be able to buy their games and not have to worry about paying for a service that should otherwise be free. The company is of course talking about their competitor's online service, Xbox Live. While Microsoft does expect a $50 a year subscription fee, Sony feels that you should put that money to better use.

"Rather than paying a $50 subscription fee that competitors charge for on-line services, PlayStation Network users could put that money towards a variety of content," the company claims.

Its examples?

* PAIN ($9.99)
* Elefunk ($4.99)
* Guitar Hero Classic Rock Track ($6.25)
* LittleBigPlanet™ Metal Gear Solid® - Level Kit ($5.99)
* Episode of Afro Samurai | Season 1 ($1.99)
* The Dark Knight Movie ($14.99)
* Samurai Sword Rack, Diesel Tiamallo Blue Hooded Top, Ligne Roset Alster Chair for PlayStation Home ($4.47)


* Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix ($14.99)
* Burnout™ Paradise (Full Retail Game) ($19.99)
* The Hoff Character for PAIN ($1.99)
* LittleBigPlanet™ Ryu of Street Fighter® II ($1.99)
* Robot Trooper and Basketball Boots for PlayStation Home ($.98)
* Savage Moon ($9.99)

It's hard to argue with the value for your hard-earned dollar in this regard. True, Xbox gamers do have the privilege of cross-game chat, which is a great feature to have, but is it worth the content you could be enjoying on the PlayStation Network?