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Rock Band hits 10 million milestone

It's hard to be bigger than Jesus yet not bigger than the Beatles, but Harmonix is sure trying with their revolutionary Rock Band franchise. Despite not quite meeting fourth quarter sales expectations, the music giant has confirmed that Rock Band has shipped 10 million units throughout the 2008 fiscal year. These staggering figures may have something to do with the fact that Rock Band was also the #1 ranking in game revenue across all genres for the year.

"The soft retail environment that took hold in the fourth quarter impacted sales of our consumer products, including Rock Band," Viacom said in a fourth quarter earnings presentation.

"However, the franchise has had great success so far, ranking as the #1 game title of 2008 by revenue across all genres with more than ten million units shipped worldwide since launch."

Harmonix truly hit its target audience with its product, as Rock Band has invaded living rooms worldwide and become the ultimate party game.