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Sony issues response to January '09 NPD figures

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on 16 February 2009

Sony has responded to NPD hardware figures for January 2009, affirming the company’s belief that the PlayStation 3’s “blockbuster” software line up will continue to drive momentum throughout the remainder of the year.

PS3 sold through 203,200 units last month compared to the same period last year, where the platform managed to shift 269,000. In comparison, the machine’s rivals all experienced a year-on-year increase in sales.

Despite this, Sony remains optimistic of the year ahead, with senior vice president of marketing for SCEA, Peter Dille, commenting:

"The PlayStation brand experienced a record year in sales in 2008 and we have every reason to believe our blockbuster line-up combined with PS3's position as the best Blu-ray player and most sophisticated entertainment device out there, will continue to fuel increased marketshare and momentum into 2009."

"We've truly upped the ante this year with an unmatched software line-up ahead, kickstarting with the much anticipated and platform-moving title Killzone 2 later this month. We're the only company to offer three viable platforms today and will continue to deliver a seamless and comprehensive entertainment experience to our customers for many years to come."