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Capcom has high expectations for Street Fighter IV

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on 18 February 2009

Capcom has declared that the publisher is expecting Street Fighter IV to prove a considerable financial success as the beat ‘em up draws ever closer to its European launch this Friday.

“If buzz and anticipation equates to sales then we have very high expectations commercially,” a company rep told VG247. “We’re tremendously excited to be launching Street Fighter IV this Friday.”

“It’s the return of the most loved, most played, most bought and most copied fighting game of all time,” the rep added.

“And Street Fighter IV is the best Street Fighter yet.”

The company will be hosting a special launch event at the flagship HMV store in Oxford Street, London, where Street Fighter heavy weight Zak Bennet will attempt to smash the record for the most consecutive wins.

UK fans would do well to turn up to the gig, as the first person to subject Bennet to a thorough whopping will receive a 48” TV set and home cinema surround sound system.