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Matt Hazard sets the record straight

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on 28 February 2009

In our upcoming Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard interview with Brian Etheridge (Producer) and Dave Ellis (Senior Game Designer), we received a special guest visit from the game legend himself, Matt Hazard.

When we asked the iconic character what it's like being Matt Hazard and knowing that the entire video game industry has him to thank for where it is today, we received the following response.

“I gotta say, I’m super comfortable with it," remarked Hazard. "Back in the early days, I kinda got embarrassed when people said stuff like, 'you’re defining the industry' and 'your games make other peoples’ games look like total crap.' After 20 years, though…I can see that they’re just plain right. I mean my games WERE the cornerstone for about half the genres out there. For example, back before I made third-person games the norm, the industry was moving toward second person games. Seriously. Can you imagine that? Controlling the guy that controls the guy you’re playing in the game? That’s just weird, man! But I set ‘em straight. And if people are grateful for me being that kind of visionary…I’m cool with them complementing the hell out of me. I’m nothing if not a good winner.”

Damn right, Matt. Winning is indeed what it's all about, and we have you to thank for teaching us that lesson. We would like to try out one of those second person games, though.

We'll have the (slightly) more serious Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard interview in full for you later tonight.