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Guerrilla Games on Killzone 2 controls: "No changes required"

on 2 March 2009

Guerrilla Games’ Seb Downie has defended the company’s decision not to revamp Killzone 2’s controls, describing the sequel as  “a weighty, slower, more tactical first person experience.”

Speaking in response to complaints posted on CVG’s forums, Downie commented, “After carefully looking into this, reading the posts, talking to a lot of you directly and analysing the controls at GG we have come to the conclusion that there are no changes required to the system.”

"If at all, any changes to the controls would put the majority of people who have not had problems or have adapted out of whack, which may be more serious," he continued, adding, “Killzone 2 is a weighty, slower, more tactical first person experience that focuses on immersion.”

Despite this, Downie noted that a few tweaks were made to the game’s online component: "It is not a twitchy, split-second gun-wielding experience like some shooters. Also, the online experience is quicker as we've made the controls and animations a little faster during design."

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