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Target receives new PS3 SKU to release post-GDC

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According to Joystiq, a tipster has tipped them off regarding a new addition to the PlayStation 3 family of SKUs. Apparently, Target has received shipments of PlayStation 3s that no longer just carry the console inside. Instead, Sony has packaged its console with two of the system's best sellers, Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm. While this may seem like a small addition to the already extinct MotorStorm bundle, it certainly adds a little value to the overall package.


Unfortunately, the SKU is releasing with the famed $399 price tag that both developers and cautious consumers have been waiting and hoping Sony would drop. However, with recent rumors once again circulating that Sony plans on dropping the price during GDC, this could create quite the surprise bundle to do it with. Sadly, without the price drop, this bundle will probably fall to the wayside as a missed opportunity to capitalize on a ton of potential buyers.

If this SKU is something you're interested in, it's believed to be hitting store shelves come March 29.