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Dead Rising 2 has multiplayer, up to 6000 zombies on screen

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on 30 March 2009

Speaking during a panel at the Game Developer’s Conference last week, Blue Castle Games confirmed that upcoming zombie sequel Dead Rising 2 will include up to 800 different clothing textures for the undead as well as full multiplayer support.

Utilizing a program known as ‘mental mill’, the developer is attempting to overcome a number of design hurdles including incorporation of unique eye, skin and cloth shading, which it hopes to apply to large groups of enemies for a more authentic look.

Furthermore, it is expected that gamers will be able to experience up to a mammoth 6000 characters on screen during multiplayer sessions, though Capcom themselves haven’t been able to prove any concrete details on the matter.

Dead Rising 2 is due for release on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.