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FFXIII currently running at 30fps in 720p

on 8 April 2009

Motomu Toriyama, director of Final Fantasy XIII, has revealed that his team currently have the eagerly awaited RPG running at 30fps in 720p resolution.

According to Toriyama, Square Enix is going the extra mile to ensure folk who own bog standard analog TV sets will be able to read the game's on-screen text, as well as confirming that the cut scenes can be skipped or paused.

From the sound of things, development is progressing smoothly: "We've almost finished all the parts of the game," he said, adding, "From now on, it's a matter of putting them together."

In regards to the forthcoming demo packaged with Advent Children, Toriyama revealed that the playable build contains "about an hour" of gameplay, with Famitsu noting “there's almost no load time" and "the background music is so so cool."

Final Fantasy XIII is due out in Japan later this year, with a European release following in 2010.