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Nielsen ratings has PlayStation 3 on top

It's always interesting to see how Sony's PlayStation 3 is fairing within Nielsen reports in comparison to the Wii and Xbox 360. The firm recently sampled 17,000 TVs across the United States last December, an ideal time to conduct this type of study as a lot of teenagers are out of school for winter break. In what may come as a surprise to some, PlayStation 3 lead the pack in what we think are the most significant categories: Active User Percentage and Daily Average Sessions.

We've included the revealed rankings below.

Active User Percentage
Nintendo Wii - 6.8%
Xbox 360 - 10.2%
PlayStation 3 - 10.6%

Average Usage Days
Nintendo Wii - 5
Xbox 360 - 7.1
PlayStation 3 - 6.8

Daily Average Sessions
Nintendo Wii - 1.78
Xbox 360 - 2.15
PlayStation 3 - 2.42

Despite the ridiculous lead that Nintendo has built in marketshare with its family-friendly console, it would appear the average consumer spends decidedly less time waggling their Wii motes per session than hammering away at a Sixaxis or 360 pad.