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Movies on demand coming soon to PS3 & PSP

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Whilst discussing the re-designed PSP, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SCE, confirmed that a movie download service was being developed for both the handheld and the PS3.

Dille was speaking to Gamasutra, and although no release window was given, he said the company realised how important such a service would be.

"We didn’t have any announcements about that at the show [E3], but what I can tell you is we’re working on it, we see that it’s critical, not just for PSP but also for PS3, and it’s something we know is super important to get right."

Dille hopes to get the service right first time, in terms of both usability and content, and as such Sony appears to be taking its time to perfect it.

"We won’t have a second chance to make a first impression. If we launch it and it’s not right, we’re going to get creamed. So we want to make sure we get the consumer experience right, get the right content, and we’re working really hard on it. And I don’t think we’re talking about years, I think this is something we could get behind really soon."