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Sony talks God of War I and II on Blu-ray

on 19 April 2009

Remember the recent survey that mentioned the potential inclusion of God of War I and II on Blu-ray in the God of War III Collector's Edition? Of course you do. Well, Sony says not to get too excited just yet.

"It is simply a marketing survey. The goal of it is to do focus group testing," SCEA representatives informed Kotaku. "We're just trying to find out what would resonate with the God of War community."

"If that was the number one requested thing [on the survey], that would be something they would need to see if that was most technically feasible," reps continued.

"Obviously with Blu-ray, we're able to put more content on the disc. But in terms of having seen God of War II on a Blu-ray disc on a debug and playing it that way, no, that's not something I've seen."

So while it's not out of the question, the item's inclusion on the survey definitely wasn't a confirmation. We'll keep you informed of any further developments.