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Rumors: 40GB PS3 for $399, FFXIII delayed & more...

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Sony to make a cheaper PS3 available to consumers soon? Another game delay...

First the 60 GB PS3 dropped in price, then Sony announced the package wont be out for long, and now gamers that have no PS3 are loosing hope that the price cut will ever happen at the right time. Well Game Informer might have some reliving info for those gamers and not so relieving info for the rest.

First off Game Informer has suggested that Sony is planning to release a new 40GB PS3 package that will only cost 399 dollars USD, 100 dollars cheaper than the current price dropped 60 GB PS3. The catch behind the price is the model will not have backwards compatibility with past Playstation console games. Game Informer suggested that the announcement was supposed to be made at E3 and was surprised when the announcement wasn’t made.

The second rumor Game Informer is suggesting is the new Final Fantasy game could be delayed until 2008. FF XIII: Word is under going several problems that may take a year to fix and get together. Along with problems the game also has several other features that are not developed as of yet.

Game Informer also suggested that PSN could be receiving a awards program similar to the one offered in Xbox Live and all games coming out this fall will feature the program. Not much more info was given other than Sony is trying to work with third parties to incorporate the feature.

3 rumors is good enough for one day but stay tuned to PSU in case any become official.

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