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Kitase: FFXIII isn't a JRPG

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on 7 May 2009

Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase has let slip that he isn’t quite ready to pigeonhole Final Fantasy XIII as a JRPG, claiming that the hotly anticipated title “straddles genres.”

Speaking to EDGE, Kitase commented, “There’s a trend these days to strictly categorize games as western RPGs or Japanese RPGs, but Final Fantasy is something that we don’t try to categorize as either/or.”

“For us, the game straddles genre.”

JRPG or not, we’re absolutely stoked to get our hands on this future gem, so just keep your fingers crossed for a speedy translation to the west. The game is due to hit Japanese retailers by the year’s end, so keep those eyes peeled for more info over the course of the next few months.