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Cage: Heavy Rain not possible on Xbox 360

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on 15 May 2009

Quantic Dreams’ David Cage has declared that PlayStation 3 exclusive thriller Heavy Rain would be “too difficult” to replicate on Xbox 360.

Speaking to NowGamer, Cage explained, “I think this game can only be done on PlayStation 3,” adding, “We used all the SPUs, [and] I think to do the visuals, and all the stuff we’re doing would be too difficult [on the 360].”

Apparently, the game’s elaborate physics and crowd-related shenanigans are too much for Microsoft’s white box to handle, said Cage. “There are amazing physics there, and stuff with crowds that you just couldn’t really get.”

Can’t say we’re all that surprised, given that Heavy Rain is one of the PS3’s technical highlights for the 2009 line-up. The game’s out later this year.