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LittleBigPlanet to get web-based online level portal

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on 22 May 2009

Media Molecule will soon launch a web-based portal for LittleBigPlanet that allows players to advertise their created levels, queue up downloads and get them prepared for the next time they launch the game, 1UP reports.

Alex Evans, Media Molecule co-founder, told 1UP that the service will provide custom URLs for each user created level, allowing players to send or advertise their levels online. This feature will provide user page links for each created level, giving players a chance to queue a download of the level, which will be ready the next time they turn on their PlayStation 3.

Currently in beta, the portal offers more than just leaderboards, photos, and comments. It will also have an application programming interface (API), to create applications for LBP. Evans says APIs for websites like Google Maps is not far off from what Media Molecule plans to achieve. The LBP API will allow players to create a Google Map page, detailing the locations of levels on Craft Earth.

We expect to hear more about LBP's future as 1UP releases a full transcript of their interview with Evans, who talks about the upcoming PlayStation Portable version of LBP, new and ongoing beta tests, more downloadable content for PS3, and a reference to a possible sequel.