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Rock Band drum kit revealed

Harmonix has officially revealed the drum kit that’s being used in Rock Band, along with some details of the full set.

You'll be able to use the controller by striking one of the four foam pads that represent different parts of drums. The Snare drum, tom-tom, hi-hat, and crash/ride cymbals are all represented. The set also includes a kicker for the bass drum and ships complete with a pair of drumsticks.


Harmonix also revealed that gamers capable of completing the game on the hardest difficulty will be good enough to play a actual set of drums. So drummers or those learning to play the drums have a new fun way to practice.

The game will also feature a microphone similar to SingStar which can also be used as a tambourine, and a guitar similar to the one provided with Guitar Hero. Harmonix has yet to reveal how much each peripheral will cost but the game will be shipped to store shelves later this year.