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Kaz to kick off TGS

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The Tokyo Game Show in September will begin with a keynote speech from the president of SCE, as was the case last year.

This time round however, it won't be the father of PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi. He recently retired from Sony, so instead his successor, Kazuo Hirai, will speak on behalf of the company.

Kaz's speech will be titled "The Expanding PlayStation World, Business Strategy For New Growth". Perhaps he will go into detail about the company's 10 year PS3 vision.

Last year, Kutaragi spoke about PS3 helping to cure diseases, which has actually come to fruition with the highly successful Folding@home project. He also revealed a pre-launch price drop for Japan.

Before Kaz's speech at TGS however, there is the small business of the Games Convention in August. This is Europe's big gaming event that takes place in Leipzig, and although it's unlikely that Kaz will give the speech, we're expecting some interesting announcements from whoever takes the stage.