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Cage: Heavy Rain still needs plenty of work

on 18 June 2009

Quantic Dreams head honcho David Cage has revealed that eagerly awaited PlayStation 3 thriller Heavy Rain is currently at Alpha build, and as a result still has a fair amount of work to undergo before it’s unleashed upon the gaming public.

“We’re still at the alpha stage and there’s a whole lot of work to be done,” Cage told NowGamer. “There’s so much fine-tuning in the game left to do. Everything has to be perfect. If there’s one thing wrong in a scene, it’s the only thing you’ll see. There are many things that don’t work right now.”

“We need to have everything in place, from facial animations, to score to work out the final result,” he added.

Heavy Rain is due out exclusively on PS3 some time in 2010. We were lucky enough to go hands-on with the title at E3 earlier this month. Check out our impressions of the game here.