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New SOCOM, Ghostbusters spaces for Home

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Today’s Home update has some quality content. First off is the highly-anticipated SOCOM Tactical Operations Center space. This space is the first of two parts of a SOCOM Home hub. The TOC will be an effective strategy development center due to a new tool, the Telestrator. With it, you and friends can coordinate attacks through access to the maps and modes of SOCOM: Confrontation. The TOC will also feature a regional leaderboard that pulls stats from the SOCOM site and updates career stats in real-time. There will also be SOCOM-related virtual items available for purchase for your avatar. Those who like military fashion should take a look.

The EA SPORTS Complex, meanwhile, is receiving new additional racing tracks, leaderboards, a Racing Boost shop, and updates for Poker. The unopened Golf Pro Shop space will disappear, but only temporarily.

There will also be some other game-related virtual items from Street Fighter IV (no word on what those are yet), as well as a free inFamous Cole Costume for those that downloaded the demo and played it all the way through.

Ghostbusters is also coming to Home. Home users can buy the three-floor Ghostbusters Firehouse which includes plenty of furniture, decorations, ghosts, and a personal Ecto-1. It also will have Loot State Set abilities which will let you make Ghostbusters machinima. There will also be free Ghostbusters t-shirts.

Lastly, a new event is coming tomorrow morning. It involves a scavenger hunt for pieces of code for a free download of Bomberman Ultra from PSN.

The Namco Bandai Museum and the Killzone 2 Visari’s Throne are still coming, but not yet. No dates were announced for these.